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  1. 1870 Census, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
  2. Bible of Martha Virginia Hardin Mason, [Book] (@NS312373@)
  3. Genealogy by Florence Bernadette Swinyard, "Smith/Hardin Family--Va/Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.", [Book]
  4. Smith/Hardin family--Virginia/Tuscaloosa Co., Ala." by Florence Bernadette Swinyard, 22 Dec 1989, copy found in Huntsville Library family files, [Book]
  5. Wife of grandson of David T. Hardin, Anita Snow Mason, Conroe, Texas. email:, Feb. 2007, [Letter]
  6. Hardin Family Courier, vol 1 (1984), [Book]
  7. Pauline Jones Gandrud, Alabama Records, [Book]
  8. 1860 Census, Greene County, Alabama
  9. War of 1812 Service Records (summary), Direct Data Capture compilation,, 1999-, from NARA Index to the Compiled Military Service Rec....
  10. Marriage Records of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama 1823-1860, Pauline Jones Gandrud, The Milestone Press, Memphis 1968, [Book]
  11. Lillie Farley , Alabama, [Electronic]

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