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All material copyright by Travis L. Hardin, Huntsville, Alabama. Writings of others are copyrighted by them.

Essays 2011- 
2012 April Your Students Must Improve There Spelling
2013 Aug Bradley Manning's Sacrifice
Update: On January 17, 2017, President Barack Obama commuted Manning's sentence.
Selected Writings in the Newsletter of North Alabama Mensa (writing as contributor, local secretary, or newsletter editor at various times)

2004 Sep RG Wrapup.htm
2005 April Characteristics of Fascism.htm
2005 May Is Nationalism Good.htm
2005 June Podolski reply to April.htm
2005 July Why God Wont Go Away.htm
2005 Aug Alabamas Gift.htm
2005 Sep You Might Be an Intellectual.htm
2005 Oct McWilliams response to Sep.htm
2005 Nov Might be an Intellectual part 2 -- Humanism Examined.
2006 Feb Mensas Diamond Anniversary.htm
2006 May Wrapup 2004-2006.htm
2006 Aug WG Awards in Sep NorbaMensa.PDF
2006 Sep World Gathering Awards and Memories.htm
2007 June membership dir being published.htm
2007 Jul Veteran Members.htm
2007 Aug Annual Gathering Birmingham.htm
2007 Sep bylaws being modified.htm
2007 Nov Siegelman trial.htm
2007 Dec Io Saturnalia.htm
2008 Jan War on Christmas.htm
2008 April Cristina retires.htm
2008 June marion book review.htm
2008 July Electronic Meetings.htm
2008 Aug RG planning.htm
2008 Sep Mensa on display.htm
2008 Sep Palestinian in Guantanemo.htm
2008 Oct Joint Regional Gatherings.htm
2008 Dec How Aunts Became Democrats.htm
2009 Jan Obama Cabinet.htm
2009 Feb Are You Smarter.htm
2009 March Bham RG Planning.htm
2010 July book review crossing the threshold.htm
2011 May Summary of Travis Hardin's Activities.htm
2014 LocSec Columns
Written After Moving to Huntsville
1999 Sep All Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground
1999 Dec Paradigm Shifts
2000 The Three Passions of Bertrand Russell
2000 Jun Linguistics
2000 Dec Rave of December 25th
2002 Mar The Nature of Patriotism
Maryland Mensa: South Mountain Meanderings / Wisdom of the West 1990-1994
The Maryland Mensa newsletter was (and still is) called "M-Anation" since Carol B. assumed the editorship in 1990. The masthead had a radio tower emanating lightning bolts and a font with fine horizontal lines that first appeared in March 1991 after Carol and I combined a clip-art tower with the fantasy font. Carol continued to use WordPerfect for DOS to edit M-Anation even as the 21st century approached. (Hey, it was a capable program.) Carol took a liking to me when I joined in 1989 and allowed me to begin a humorous column in 1990. I changed direction and for seveal years I wrote a column on philosophy and psychology -- life -- from a humanist point of view.
Photo: M-Anation mastheads, 1991 and 2013. The 2013 editor was Shelia Wallace.
1990 Oct South Mountain Meanderings first installment
1990 Nov Sailing trip and activities attended
1990 Dec SMM with Far Side book review
1991 Jan SMM razzing the LocSec
1991 Feb SMM and a thank you
1991 Mar SMM March 91
1991 April Turning Serious. Written as a letter to the editor. Greg Pacek began to write SMM.
Apr 91 responses Responses to my April 1991 Letter
May 91 events Some May 91 Events
1991 Jun April Regional Gathering (published June 91)
1991 Jun SMM June 91
1991 Jul Wisdom of the West first installment
1991 Aug WOW - The Basic Five
1991 Sep WOW - Some World Views and Their Sources
1991 Oct On Ethics (and Dogs) in 525 Words
1991 Nov WOW - The Hunger to Know as Insecurity
1991 Dec WOW - Hierarchies and Human Misery, or Why You Don't Want to Go to Work
1992 Jan I Don't Talk Very Much Because... (1986)
1992 Feb Thinking, Feeling, and the Myers-Briggs
1992 Mar Conservatism
1992 Apr Pseudo-conservatism
1992 May Liberalism
1992 Jun Pseudo-liberalism
1992 Dec Circulating at an Ocean City Mensa gathering in October I gathered humorous answers from people to some of the questions Marilyn Vos Savant said she could not answer (because they were nonsense). I headlined it "Marilyn Vos Savant versus Maryland's Vast Savants." The series ran 3 months. Three more columns were sweated out beginning in February. If there were more, I didn't save them.
1993 Feb On Intelligence
1993 Mar The Emotion Problem
1993Apr The Emotion Problem, part 2, or Why Aren't We All Spocks and Datas?
Letters to the Editor 1984-2013
Two newspapers were the recipients of my letters, which were generally reactions to news reports or other letters. From 1984 to 1998 it was the Herald-Mail of Hagerstown, Mayland. After 1999 it was the Times of Huntsville, Alabama.
1984-1998 Introduction to Letters to the Editor
Hagerstown, Maryland letters
1999-2013 Huntsville, Alabama letters

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